Welcome to the website of Dublin’s Golden Cup – an Ultimate frisbee tournament in Dublin, Ireland. Run by players with with years of playing experience and years of organising tournaments, Dublin’s Golden Cup aims to bring to Dublin something it has been lacking for some time – an annual tournament for mixed teams from all across Europe and further afield! For too long Dublin teams have travelled to the UK, to Italy, to Germany, to France, to Spain – all across the continent without being able to offer an invitation to our capital. We have changed that now and each year we are looking to build on the previous efforts.

In August of 2019 we will run the 6th edition of the tournament and it will be a celebration of everything we want the tournament to be – high quality Ultimate, three big parties, tasty food, a beautiful venue, welcoming and friendly people and more! The dates for the event will be August 10th & 11th. More information about the tournament can be found here and you can register your team to play in the tournament from January 1st using this form: DGC 2019 REGISTRATION.

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In 2014 the then Golden Keg Organising Committee ran two tournaments. The first was the All-Ireland Mixed Ultimate Championships in May and the second was the inaugural Golden Keg tournament. Both were successful and we learned a lot about ourselves and about how to best organise events along the way.  You can find out all about both events on the 2014 page of the website.

In 2015 we ran the same tournament, again in July under a new moniker – Dublin’s Golden Cup. The Dublin’s Golden Cup 2015 edition took place on July 4th and 5th in Dublin and saw 16 teams fight for the brand new golden cup trophy. We welcomed teams from all over the world – Australians, Canadians, French, Polish, Norwegian and more. You can find out all about it on the 2015 page of the website and watch one of the videos of the event below.

In 2016 we moved away from the early July slot and held the tournament in mid-August. We welcomed 16 teams to Dublin including Polish, Swedish, German, British and many more. Using the same venue as 2015 made for a smooth event and we think the visiting teams enjoyed it! All information about the tournament can be found on the 2016 page.

In 2017 we had 20 teams once more and stuck with the middle of August as our tournament date. We had national teams, club teams and a pick up team. The final was won by the excellent German Mixed National team denying a local Dublin team their third DGC victory. Perhaps one of our most memorable parties too – Glitter & Gold! Check out the 2017 page for the details and here is Get Horizontal’s video recap…

In 2018 we held a big 5th birthday party to celebrate 5 years of fun, 5 years of high end Mixed Ultimate and 5 years of love. It was an incredible weekend with teams from all over Europe coming to play in Dublin. The local team Quartet won out in the end, beating a very strong Reading Ultimate side who played hard and partied harder. Glitter Ceilis, drones, pizza at the fields, loads of Guinness and too much fun. As birthdays go, this one was a special one!


Catch up with us on Twitter, on Facebook, Youtube and on Instagram to keep up with all our news.

Thanks for stopping by our website and we hope to see you at one of our tournaments in the future!

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