Welcome to the Dublin’s Golden Cup page for 2019!


  • Team Registration closed on February 28th, 2019
  • The final team list is at the bottom of this page
  • We have space for 24 teams this year
  • If you need to contact us we are at dublinsgoldencup@gmail.com
  • There will be a chance to volunteer or pick up – details to follow in due course


  • We will be using the same fields as the past four years in Westmanstown
  • We have a really good relationship with the team out there and are excited to be back!


  • We will supply all teams with a list of hostels, BnBs, hotels and more for you to arrange to stay in. There will be something for every budget.
  • We are working hard to organise camping at the fields. This will be the first time we have been allowed to do this. More news as we have it!
  • Accommodation will not be included in the team fees.


  • Want to see more of Dublin and the surrounding parts? Of course you do!
  • Arrive early: Thursday afternoon – visit Glendalough – an hour outside of Dublin – for beautiful walks and food. Friday afternoon – check out the Guinness Storehouse with a special DGC 2019 tour
  • Stay Late: Swim in the sea and then go to the city for a Jameson Distillery whisky tasting
  • Note: paid in tours cost money & will need to be booked in advance!  😉


  • Player fees will be finalised before registration. They will be €60 or €70 per player (venue costs are not yet finalised)
  • There will be no team fee
  • Fees will include a buffet breakfast and team lunch at the fields each day, a Saturday night meal, player gifts, transport to the fields, two days of Ultimate, three parties (very good parties too!), emergency medical cover, a physiotherapist at the fields, pitch side water, day time entertainment by the fields and more


  • As with every year we will have three parties – A Welcome Party on the Friday in a lovely Irish pub with lots of tasty Guinness, A Saturday Night Dress Up Party with a céilí (Irish dancing lessons included!) and a A Farewell Party on the Sunday night so you go home with a warm heart and a full belly  😉
  • Parties will take place in the city centre, which is easily navigated on foot


  • January 1st: Registration open
  • February 28th: Registration closed
  • March 11th: Team list announced
  • March 18th: €200 deposit due to confirm spot
  • June 1st: All player fees due
  • August 1st: Schedule Released
  • August 8th: Glendalough Visit (cost TBC)
  • August 9th: Guinness Storehouse Tour (cost TBC) & Welcome Party
  • August 11th: Games begin & Big Party
  • August 12th: Finals & Leaving Party
  • August 13th: Sea swim & Jameson Distillery tour (cost TBC)

FINAL TEAM LIST FOR DGC 2019  (Last update: March 8th, 2019).

  1. Bez Ciśnień Kosmodysk (Poland) – confirmed
  2. Disc Maniac Delegates (International) – confirmed
  3. ESIS – Every Sperm Is Sacred (Ireland) – confirmed
  4. FlyHigh Lausanne (Switzerland) – confirmed
  5. France Ultimate Master Mixte (France) – confirmed
  6. Great Britain Mixed Masters (Great Britain) – confirmed
  7. Germany Mixed Masters (Germany) – confirmed
  8. Granayd Ultimate Frisbee (Spain) – confirmed
  9. It’s Gonna Cut Honey! (France) – confirmed
  10. Jabba The Huck (Ireland) – confirmed
  11. KUPA (New Zealand) – confirmed
  12. Long Beach Legacy (USA) – confirmed
  13. Mixed Veg Ultimate (Ireland) – confirmed
  14. Oy Vey (Israel) – confirmed
  15. Plámás Ultimate (Ireland) – confirmed
  16. Rebel Ultimate Mixed (Ireland) – ?
  17. Reboot (Ireland) – confirmed
  18. SMOG (England) – ?
  19. Team Stickeynote (Canada) – confirmed
  20. Thundering Herd (England) – confirmed
  21. Tosti (Netherlands) – ?
  22. Tribe Ultimate (Ireland) – confirmed
  23. Ultimate Champagne (France) – confirmed
  24. Uproar (Ireland) – confirmed


  • Tich Ultimate (Ireland)
  • Cacacuates (International)
  • DGC All Starrs 2017 (International)
  • Guildford Ultimate (England)
  • Bumblebees (Ireland)
  • Castaway (England)
  • Wilson (Colombia)
  • OshKosh Mosh (Ireland)
  • Dreadnought (England)
  • DGC 2019 Pick Up (International)

Watch out for new info on our DGC Facebook page and if you want to contact us, feel free to drop us an email: dublinsgoldencup@gmail.com 

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