AIMUC Communication

Communication leading up to an event like this is vital. We want to make sure that everyone involved – captains, players, spectators etc. – knows exactly what’s going on by communicating with the following groups in the following ways:

  • IFDA & Team captains will be contacted via email and/or mobile phone depending on the urgency of the communication.
  •  The Golden Keg website – – that will have all the information needed in the build up to the tournament with separate pages for the most important information.
  • A Facebook event page where we will publish various bits and pieces of information to create a buzz in the build up to the tournament.
  • We will email out a Captain’s Pack to the captains and make it available on the website as well.
  • We will publish the scores from each round on the Facebook page.
  • We will publish the final standings and the Spirit scores on the website on the Sunday evening of the tournament.
  • We will send a full report of the tournament to the IFDA on the Sunday evening of the tournament

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