AIMUC Eco-Friendly Approach

Central to the Golden Keg ethos is a respect and care for the environment. This is reflected in our committee with a full-time Eco-Officer – Meabh Boylan – one of the central members. As such we have a number of initiatives that we believe will make this tournament uniquely eco-friendly.

A Paperless Tournament

At the end of March at UKU Mixed Tour 1 the TDs ran a ‘paperless’ tournament with no physical copies of Captain’s Packs, schedules, Spirit sheets and so on, handed out to the players. Scores after games are either delivered in person to the non-playing TD or texted to a number. Likewise with Spirit scores. We are hoping to do the exact same for All-Ireland Mixed Championships. Teams will be given a number to send their scores to or a web site to submit their scores.

A Single-use Water Bottle Free Zone

As part of our environmentally friendly approach, we will be requesting that all players only bring reusable bottles to the tournament. Single-use water bottles will be discouraged. There will be on-site taps for players to replenish their water bottles.

Waste Management

Ultimate tournaments typically generate considerable waste including large quantities of recyclable materials from sports drinks, water bottles and aluminium cans. We are committed to providing facilities to ensure that all waste is disposed of appropriately and in particular that recyclable materials are indeed collected and sent to be recycled. It is anticipated that a local waste management company will part-sponsor the event by helping us provide a waste-segregation facility, including bins for recycling, composting and landfill.

Tree Planting

It is inevitable that the majority of players arriving at a tournament have commuted by car, bus or train, and as such every tournament leaves a sizeable carbon footprint. To acknowledge this, and to negate some of the negative environmental impacts that AIMUC 2014 will have, we intend to plant at least one tree (more if profits allow), under The National Tree Council of Ireland’s tree-planting scheme (


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