Feeding players over the course of play is one of the key elements of any successful tournament. As such, we have decided to outsource the provision of food to a local catering company, one with familial ties to the Ultimate community. This arrangement will allow us to provide a selection of hot, nutritious, lunches on site over both days of play.

We intend to break the current template of provided tournament food in Ireland with this event, by significantly expanding and raising the variety and quality on offer. Hopefully we can show the Irish Ultimate community what is possible when looking to cater a tournament in future, and thus make a lasting improvement in the community.

Our priorities include:

– Hot, fresh food, in generous amounts

– Choice of at least 2 main meal options each day

– Nutritious meals and ingredients suitable to athletes involved in energy intensive sport

– Care to provide appealing vegetarian options

– Suitable options for those with special dietary requirements

– Minimise queing times as much as possible by maximising ease and speed of service

Possible menu items:

– Meals: Vegetarian Chilli, Chicken ala King, Thai green curry, ratatouille, beef stroganoff, falafel

– Sides: rice, tossed salad, breads

– Fast food: hotdogs, chicken burgers, sausages, chips – we are hoping to provide some fast food style catering as an optional extra for players to buy on Sunday during the final.

Bonus Extras:

We will work with the catering company to organise the provision of the following items which we see as staple tournament snacks.

– Chilled isotonic and soft drinks

– Chilled bottle water

– Chocolate bars, NAKD brand oat bars, Haribo jellies

Alternative food options:

If players opt out of the lunch menu listed above, there is ample opportunity to buy their own food elsewhere. Centra/Spar type shops are a very short drive away, whilst ALDI is located less than 5 mins walk from the pitches.

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