AIMUC – History

The All-Ireland Mixed Championships is taking place for the 7th time this year, having debuted in Dublin in 2008 (one year before the Open Division held a national championships!). It has ebbed and flowed in terms of growth with the team participation list never exceeding 10 and never dipping below 6. With Open and Womens the two favoured divisions for the majority of Irish Ultimate players it is a division that has struggled to grow but one that is played fondly all the same. And increasingly, Irish national teams have found success in this division – at EUC 2011, World U-23  and ECBU 2013.

Ireland boasts 3 clubs who play in Mixed tournaments all year round – Jabba the Huck, Binge? and Rebel Ultimate. Mixed Veg have dabbled in the scene but never quite committed, something that might change in years ahead. Throwin’ Shapes, winners of the first two All-Ireland Championships ever held have since disbanded. Oddly, only on of the 7 tournaments to date has taken place outside of Dublin and that was in Maynooth, a short hop from the capital. This year marks the second time the event has taken place in the Trinity Sportsgrounds in Santry, Dublin.

The list of previous winners is below:

2008 – Throwin’ Shapes (Dublin)

2009 – Throwin’ Shapes (Dublin)

2010 – Rebel Ultimate (Cork)

2011 – Rebel Ultimate (Cork)

2012 – Jabba the Huck (Dublin)

2013 – Jabba the Huck (Dublin)

2104 – ??

Thanks to Dominick Smyth and Sam Mehigan for help with the stats.

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