We have finalised the party venue – yay!

From 9:30pm on Saturday night we are going to meet in Berlin Cafe on Clarendon Street where we will be able to relax, eat cake, drink tasty German beers or spirits if you prefer, fresh tea or coffee and listen to some tunes by their in house DJs. We will have the place just to ourselves and they can cater for up to 80 people so feel free to encourage all teammates and your friends to join us! You can find out more about the venue here.

For the football fans among you, we’ll be going to watch the Champions League Final in Sinnotts beforehand. There will be no party near the pitches as we had originally planned as no teams are staying in the hotels nearby in Santry.

We’d love to see a good crowd there – even after a tough day’s play and with more games on Sunday. It’s good for you to relax and meet the other teams outside of on-field competition! 🙂

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