AIMUC Registration & Eligibility


Registration closed on April 30th. All captains received the necessary details to transfer/lodge the money for your team’s payment on May 1st. All teams have paid on time (great effort folks!) as per the tournament Timeline. Please note: any teams/players that register, pay and then pullout will receive a partial refund of their fees.

Registered Teams:

  1. Jabba the Huck 1
  2. Jabba the Huck 2
  3. Jabba the Huck 3
  4. Mixed Veg
  5. Rebel Ultimate 1
  6. Rebel Ultimate 2
  7. Derezzed
  8. Veggie Binge?
  9. Pick Up
  10. Snatch


From IFDA Director of Competitions, Barry Walsh: Regarding rosters for AIMUC 2-14 – Please fill your team name and roster into this roster spreadsheet. Please ensure that all players intending to play on your team(s) are fully paid and registered IFDA members.  The box beside the players name will turn green if they are paid and red if they are unpaid. Make sure the spelling of the players name corresponds with the spelling of his/her name on the “Members” sheet. Ensure all your players are rostered and paid up by first pull on Saturday the 24th of May.

2 Comments on “AIMUC Registration & Eligibility”

  1. Do teams have to pay player fees in one block payment, or can individual players pay their own fees separately?

    • Hi Pa. All team fees are to be paid in one block payment. Captains will be sent all necessary details. Thanks.

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