AIMUC Timeline

Bidding Deadlines

  • March 27th – Declaration of interest to submit a bid
  • April 7th – Bid submitted
  • April 8th – Bid submission closed
  • April 14th – Bid accepted

Tournament Deadlines

  • April 15th – Registration opened via the Golden Keg website
  • April 30th – Registration closed
  • May 7th – Payment deadline (NB: €50 penalty for late payment)
  • May 13th – All captains to submit seeding predictions by 9pm (details)
  • May 14th – Schedule & Seeding Released
  • May 24th – Captains Meeting, Games begin, All player MUST be registered IFDA members by start of game 1 (details)
  • May 25th – Games end, closing ceremony, tournament wrap up

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