The 2014 All-Ireland Mixed Ultimate Championships is over and we have a new name on the trophy!


Tournament Results

Congratulations to Mixed Veg Ultimate who beat Rebel Ultimate 10-9 in an exciting and very well spirited final. A big congratulations to the MVPs of the final Nick Peters (Rebel Ultimate) and Caitlin Looney (Rebel Ultimate) and to Jabba the Huck who won the 3rd/4th playoff to claim the bronze medals. Team Woohoo, the pick up team, took home the Spirit of the Game Award and Cian Quinn (Mixed Veg) was awarded the Individual Spirit Prize after a very clean, spirited display in the final.

The final standings with the Spirit scores in brackets are below:

1) Mixed Veg (11.67) – Champions

2) Rebel 1 (10.83)

3) Jabba 1 (11.71)

4) Veggie Binge (11.86)

5) Derezzed (9.86)

6) Team Woohoo (12.14) – Spirit of the Game Winners

7) Rebel 2 (10.57)

8) Jabba 2 (10.29)

9) Snatch (10.17)

10) Jabba 3 (11.50)


Spirit of the Game Results:

For a full and detailed version of your team’s Spirit scores please go to  this spreadsheet. You will also find all results from the tournament on the same document.


Photos and Videos:

Photos from the tournament by Mark Earley and Darron Costello can be found on our Flickr page here.  Our volunteer photographer Stephen Hannon from Cork has put up his phots on his Facebook page. We also had a number of videographers at the tournament. Richard Buggy put together a multi-angle HD video of the final which you can find here. Conor Hogan filmed a number of matches and put together a highlight reel from the two days of play. His YouTube channel with all the AIMUC videos is here.



We ran the tournament as a way of providing a high quality event for an Irish national competition. We were keen to set a benchmark by which other tournaments would be measured. We wanted to run our systems before the Golden Keg and we wanted to earn some capital to put towards the inaugural Golden Keg as well. It was interesting trying to make sure we could provide a high quality event, meet the standards set by the IFDA and at the same time make sure that the time and effort we put in was rewarded. We are publishing our accounts here to allow other players, team managers and would-be TDs  see how we operated our event, where we spent money and where we saved money. We hope that this transparency will lead to better All-Ireland events in future and is in keeping with the IFDA’s aims for these events going forward.


  • Player Fee with Food: €1275
  • Player Fee without Food: €1391
  • Total: €2666


  • Pitches: €420
  • Prizes: €195
  • Food: €700
  • Schedule Printing: €25
  • Groundskeeper Gift: €20
  • IFDA Pitch Discs: €40
  • Signage & Bins: €10
  • Red Cross: €400
  • Team Sponsorship: €80
  • Player Fee Refunds: €26
  • Total: €1916


  • €750
  • 28% margin of profit
  • Most of the profit spent on the Golden Keg tournament
  • Some of the profits were given to Trinity’s Ultimate Frisbee club as they were co-hosts of the event



After the tournament we asked you to give us your opinion on the event as a whole. We have worked hard to learn from where we fell short and will make sure that should we run events like this in future (as well as the Golden Keg) we will improve on the issues raised. Some examples of both the good and the bad responses are below. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out the form – much appreciated.

Areas that people said we did well:

  • Spirit Scores collection online
  • Bronze Medals
  • Individual Spirit Award
  • Providing hosting
  • Party
  • Communication

Areas for improvement:

  • Bins at the fields
  • Volume of hooter
  • End of game rule
  • Scheduling 3 games in a row
  • Food – some small servings & more variety of snacks
  • Pitch water
  • Late Captain’s Meeting

Overall Responses:

Pie Chart 1

Tournament: General


Pie Chart 2


Pie Chart 3

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