Change of Plan

Originally we had planned to run a ‘Golden Keg 100 Minute Marathon’ with the aim of getting about 200 players to take on a marathon in under 100mins by sprinting 100m intervals. (More info here). Unfortunately lots of things have made this impossible to do including the venue and the high demands being put on players already (7 x 70min games). Instead we have decided to run the 100 min Marathon later in the year and focus our efforts at Golden Keg on a smaller scale to help out two charities.

Who are our charities?:

We have chosen to donate to two charities at the Golden Keg and one group of people at the Golden Keg. We will also run the 100 min Marathon later in the year for a separate Irish charity – The Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland: The first charity we are sponsoring is:


Ultimate Peace:

Ultimate Peace is a young organization with high hopes of spreading the joy of throwing a disc and playing Ultimate on a global level, especially in areas where more understanding and cooperation are needed. They began their work in the Middle East in April of 2009, and continue to deepen and broaden the impact of their regional program today including visits Colombia. Ultimate Peace projects will practice, model and convey five core principles: mutual respect, friendship, non-violence, integrity, and fun. The focus of the UP program is on providing a positive, educational, multicultural experience that is healthy, enriching, inspiring, and fun for youth. UP holds the belief that the widespread changes in behavior they aspire to facilitate will require deep and enduring shifts in awareness. Consequently, UP programs are designed to focus on altering mindsets and perceptions by providing shared experiences in which recreational enjoyment, personal reflection, culturing sharing, and experiential learning are emphasized and balanced.

We will hold a raffle for €5 per entry (Ultimate Peace discs, jerseys and shorts to be won!) and will have a number of games at the tournament for people to join in and play in for a small fee that will go directly to the Ultimate Peace program.


The second charity we are sponsoring is:


Kit for Barnardos

One of the best and worst things about being an Ultimate player is the amount of kit we pick up over the years of playing. Some of it we cherish and wear non-stop until the seams give up, other bits of kit we use rarely – so rarely that its basically unused. Well, we are looking to collect your old kit – provided it is in good condition! – and give it to a Barnardos charity shop in Dublin. Who are Barnardos? Well you can find out all about them here: and this is from their website:

Barnardos is a children’s charity. We work with vulnerable children and their families in Ireland and campaign for the rights of all children. Barnardos was established in Ireland in 1962. Barnardos’  vision is an Ireland where childhood is valued and all children and young people are cherished equally. Barnardos’ mission is to challenge and support families, communities, society and government to make Ireland the best place in the world to be a child, focusing specifically on children and young people whose well-being is under threat.




Discs for India

A number of the Ultimate community in Ireland have worked with various charities in India and whilst there have played with and coached local players in the vibrant Indian Ultimate scene. Those local players are generally speaking from a wealthy background but they are working hard to coach children living on the streets how to play our sport. This sort of social inclusion is rare in India and it is one that we would like to get behind. We are looking to send discs to India for these new players so please give us your old discs! We know most Ultimate players have a stack of discs in a room/cupboard/on a shelf – well, grab a couple and bring them with you to donate. It’d be very much appreciated!


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    • Hey Sam – another comment we completely missed. Sorry! As you can see the page has been updated to reflect a change in events. Get involved in the other activities instead! 🙂

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