DGC 2015 National Teams Camp


Given that this summer will see both the senior Mixed teams from Europe and the U23s Mixed teams from all across the world compete soon after our event (in EUC 2015 and Worlds U-23 respectively) we thought we would try and help them with their preparation. We are doing this by offering a bonus day before the tournament to meet other teams, to play other teams and get together as a squad. We will provide WFDF-style games (full-length, full-size fields, scorekeepers etc) to get teams up to speed before their major tournaments.

When & Where?

The camp will take place for the whole day on the Friday before the tournament (July 3rd) giving teams a chance to come together, to work on tactics, skills and drills and, perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to play against national team squads nearing the peak of their season. It will take place in Westmanstown, the tournament venue.



These are the 5 teams that have registered:

  1. Ireland Mixed
  2. Denmark Mixed
  3. France Mixed
  4. Norway Mixed
  5. Spain Mixed


In order to best prepare for EUC 2015 we have offered you the chance to play full length WFDF Championship games, as described in the Championships rules here. Important details:

  • Games to 17
  • Games last 100 mins
  • Half-time at 9 or at 55 mins
  • Half-time will last 10 mins
  • Time outs will last 2 mins
  • We will have scorekeepers, pitch discs, pitchside water, scoreboards etc.


Each team has requested 2 games, except for Spain & Ireland who will be playing just one game. As such the schedule will be as follows:

Time Pitch 1 Pitch 2 Pitch 3
11:00 – 12:45 France vs Denmark Norway vs Spain Ireland Training
12:45 – 14:30 LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH
14:30 – 16:15 Denmark vs Ireland Norway vs France Spain Training


We will have a physio on site for the day. If you need to use him, please make sure to give a small tip as this will subsidise the cost of his wages.


Buses will run from the hostels in the city centre. They will leave at 9:15am in the morning and will return at 17:00 in the afternoon. Please do not miss them!


A basic breakfast will be provided by the hostel and lunch will be provided at the fields. Dinner will be for you to organise as a team.


There will be a welcome party on the Friday evening. It will be a relaxed affair taking place close to both hostels, and we would really like it if your teams came and took part. We appreciate your aims for the weekend are very likely on competition over partying but we reckon you’ll play better after a letting your hair down by night 😉 We will make sure not to keep you all awake too late!


Anything you need to know? Email us please! We are all ears 🙂  –  dublinsgoldencup@gmail.com

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