Dublin Youth Ultimate

Dublin Youth Ultimate is a company owned and run by Dominick Smyth, an Ultimate player, organiser and tournament director of the highest calibre. We very much hope that in future years we will be able to run youth camps, maybe a youth division and more under age focused activities with the help of DYU.

Dominick has played in almost every tournament in Europe, has represented Ireland on more occasions that we have time to mention and has run ever size of event there is to run here in Ireland – from a one day charity tournament to the week long World Junior Ultimate Championships in 2012. He is an excellent coach and is delighted to work full-time at spreading our sport throughout our county and province. In Dublin Youth Ultimate’s own words:

Working to introduce young people to ultimate since January 2011, Dublin Youth Ultimate travels to schools, youth groups, holiday camps or any other group interested in trying the sport. We bring all the equipment, work with any age group and can do anything from a one off introductory session, through a multi-week activity block and on to helping set up a team in the school to play against other schools in the area or in a Schools League.

DYU Logo (1)

Our primary goal in Dublin Youth Ultimate is to get people trying the sport for themselves and making up their own mind if they like it or not. We strive to provide an inclusive, rewarding and enjoyable experience for every participant in our sessions. We prioritise players leaving with a positive image of ultimate over forcing participants to develop perfect throwing techniques and in dept knowledge of the sport’s rules – all that will come in time.

We are delighted to promote DYU and everything they work towards. The future of this sport is in the youth coming through and with Dominick’s hard work we would be worse off as a community. We look forward to a working relationship with Dominick and his organisation in the future.

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