Final Standings

After two tough days play with each team playing 7 x 80min games the final standings of the tournament were as follows:

  1. Cambridge Ultimate (UK) – Winners
  2. Ghetto Birds (USA)
  3. Royal Goaltimate Society (UK)
  4. Grandmaster Flash (Poland)
  5. France Mixed National Team (France)
  6. Mixed Veg (Ireland)
  7. Tough As Cuddles (USA)
  8. Thundering Herd (UK)
  9. Friselis (France) – Plate Winners
  10. Headless Ultimate (Switzerland)
  11. Jabba the Huck (Ireland)
  12. Venezuela (Venezuela)
  13. Rebel Ultimate (Ireland)
  14. Copenhagen Spinners (Denmark)
  15. Bravas (Spain)
  16. Binge? (Ireland)
  17. Bondi Turf Rescue (Australia)
  18. Frasba dal Lac (Italy)
  19. 33 Tours (France)
  20. inDISCutabel aka The Globetrotters (International)

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