Flik Elite Skills Clinics (2016)

During the week before the tournament we will be offering the chance for players to take part in some Sion ‘Brummie’ Scone run Flik Elite Skills Clinic, much like we did last year. The format of these Flik Clinics will be as follows:

  • Tuesday August 9th: Club Team Clinic 1
  • BOOKED: Wednesday August 10th: Club Team Clinic 2: Dublin Gravity
  • Thursday August 11th: DGC Players Elite Skills Clinic

The Tuesday and Wednesday Clinics

These will be open to any local clubs who are interested in hiring Brummie to come and work with them. You can ask him to assess your teams needs or model a specific session for you. Once booked in we will put you in touch with Brummie to collaborate together and get what you need from it.

The Thursday Clinic
This will be a clinic aimed at the individual players attending the tournament who want to improve. It will be aimed at intermediate to advanced players and will include a full warm up, 2 or 3 drills focused on O and D specifics and some tailored gameplay to drive home the learning. If you want to attend this session you can register here: FLIK ELITE SKILLS FORM. We also have a Facebook event page where you can keep up to date on all news about the clinic.

Also, check out the Flik website to see what Brummie & Pringle have been working on: FLIK ULTI.

Who is Sion ‘Brummie’ Scone?

Brummie has  been an elite player for many years in the UK having played with teams like EMO and Clapham. He also represented GB Open on numerous occasions, including coaching them to silver  medals at the World Championships in Japan in 2012. More recently Brummie has been delivering Elite Skills Clinics for the UKU and has developed a new coaching tool called FLIK which you can learn all about here:http://www.flikulti.com.

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