Irish Tournaments

There are a number of large club tournaments that take place in Ireland each year. We have detailed a few of them below, focusing on the larger events that draw teams from afar.

The Cork Open (October 18th & 19th, 2014) – Rebel Ultimate Website, UCC Ultimate Website , Cork Open Facebook Event page

The grandaddy of Irish tournaments, the Cork Open has been the tournament we’ve all been aspiring to host for a long time. A combination of great value and the simple formula of fun parties and a variety of teams has made it a favourite for many years, both among domestic teams and others from the UK and Europe. The UCC and Rebel Ultimate crews know how to run an event and whether an end of season party or a hard weekend of tight games at a decent standard is what you’re after, they can look after your team. In a few short words: Beamish, Peer Pools & Parties.


The Siege of Limerick (March 7th & 8th 2015) – Website, Facebook, FFindr

The Ultimate scene in Limerick is thriving and it’s easy to see why – this tournament attracted a lot of attention to the west of Ireland. Similarly to Cork they know how to throw parties, but they also wanted to add to the tournament and as such have flown in guest coaches – Ben Wiggins, Brodie Smith, Melissa Witmer to name a few – to build the hype and to coach the locals. As marketing goes, it was a simple and clever plan. Since those heady days they tournament has been re-launched with new TDs but the same enthusiasm. Last year they attracted some great teams and this year promises to be the same. In a few short words: Ambitious TDs, Quality Pitches & Live Music.


St. Hatrick’s Day (March 2015, date TBC)Website, Facebook (for their other tournament!)

Even newer to the Irish Ultimate tournament roster than Golden Keg this hat tournament is the brainchild of the Binge?, a mixed team who’ve been to just about every good tournament in Europe. They know how to throw a good session, take care of the fun details and have found a venue that is hard to beat across Europe… a CASTLE. Yes, you read that correctly. Expect anything from this lot – banquets, fancy dress, town-sized parties and all in the fresh countryside air of Ballybinge – not the name of the real place, but that’s the the intrigue! So, if hat tournaments are your thing, this one’s gonna be up there with the best of them. Trust us. Read more about it here. In a few short words: Castle Rave, Hat Tourny Banter & Medieval Banquet!


The Belfast Open (July 19th & 20th 2014) – Website, Facebook

The new kid on the block, The Belfast Open began just last summer, attracting lots of teams to play in the sunny Northern Irish climate. Belfast Ultimate is a small but vibrant community with a great Juniors program and an excellent Disc Golf course not far away. They host this tournament all at the pitches with camping and a bar on site it makes for an easy weekend. Venture into town and the booze is cheap and the banter mighty. Definitely worth a visit! In a few short words: Bring £s, Norn Iron, Camping Fun.


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