Keep It Green!


Here at the Golden Keg we want to create a sustainable and ecologically friendly event whereby we leave the venues we use as we found them, whereby we realise that bringing people together from across the world takes its toll and needs to be offset, whereby we manage our waste properly and do what we can to help our local and global environment.

We feel strongly about this and as such one of our committee is working as the ‘Eco Officer’ – Meabh Boylan. Meabh (pronounced mayve for all our foreign friends!) works full-time with Green Schools Ireland (known internationally as Eco-Schools), an international environmental education program, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment, making her the perfect person for this role. 


We will be focusing on three main aims in terms of our eco-friendly approach for the first year of the Golden Keg:

  1. Offsetting carbon footprint
  2. Responsible waste management
  3. Eco-friendly tournament  operating procedures



We intend to:

  1. Invite teams to pay an extra €50 (not much between 16+ players!) to ‘Sponsor A Tree’ as organised by the Tree Council of Ireland
  2. Dispose of all on-site waste in an ecologically friendly and appropriate manner
  3. Run the tournament as eco-sensibly as is possible – from water usage to cup and cutlery usage

We will keep all participants up-to-date with our green plans on this page. Stay tuned and Think Green!

2 Comments on “Keep It Green!”

  1. Hi guys!

    Looking forward to joining you for a couple of awesome days on the green island! Should I understand the above as “you need to bring your own cutlery and plates”?


    • Hey Freja, sorry for the slow reply – this slipped through our fingers! Yes please, bring what you can 🙂 See you soon!

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