We will have a limited amount of Golden Keg 2014 merchandise made by the great folk over at Five Ultimate. This gear will be for sale at the Friday night party and at the Saturday night party. We will have some of it on display at the pitches but will not be selling it at the field site. If you are interested in the merchandise before the tournament you can pre-order by emailing us at with PRE-ORDER as the subject and your sizes and quantity in the email.

The following items will be available:

  • Short-sleeved Jerseys (Men’s and Women’s): White, Black & Green – €25
  • Long-sleeved Jerseys (Men’s and Women’s): Charcoal Grey – €35
  • Shorts (unisex): Black & White – €20

IMG_8941   IMG_8945  IMG_8942

Many thanks to Sinead, Jen, Alan, Conor and Claire for their modelling prowess.

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