Near Dublin

Things to do near Dublin

  • Take the Dart to Dalkey in south Dublin. Beautiful views on the way and some lovely walks and food once you get there.
  • Powerscourt Waterfalls offer stunning views and nice walks. Not far from the city.
  • The Japanese Gardens & The National Stud in Kildare are a lovely day trip.
  • Taste the seafood in Howth. The other end of the bay to Dalkey, Howth is famous for its food and some stunning scenery as well.
  • Glendalough is in Wicklow. Buses or rental cars are the easiest option. Rural life, a famous monastery and more.
  • For golfers there are many beautiful courses near Dublin with the K Club and Carton House the two most famous.
  • Johhny Foxes pub in Stepaside has traditional music, dancing and amazing food. They are well used to catering for large groups too.


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