Dublin’s Golden Cup 2016: August 13th & 14th

August 24th

The 3rd edition of our tournament will take place on August 13th & 14th next year. Come see what its all about!

August 2nd

At EUC 2015 the top three DGC 2015 teams came top 3! Whoop! And, for the icing on the cake, our lovely Norwegian friends won the Spirit Award. Fantastic effort everyone!

July 24th

Good luck at EUC 2015 everyone. #MixedUltimateFTW

July 22nd

We want your feedback please! Use this Google Form – many thanks.

July 20th

Well done to the Australian U23s team who won silver at the World U23s in London! So impressed, but not all that surprised!

July 11th

Videos and lots of them! Whoop! Check out our Youtube channel 🙂

July 9th

All our photos are up online at our Flickr page. Go get a look see!

July 8th

Looking for info about the tournament – look no further:

July 7th

Happy birthday TD Marko  😉

July 6th

Big props to the Seattle MixTape boys n girls who won silver medals at the US Open! #AllBeganInDublin #GhettoLove

July 5th

That’s a wrap!! Well done to Ireland who won the tournament, to Mixed Veg who won Spirit and to all the players for making it such a great event! Safe home folks.

July 4th


July 4th

What a day. Love having everyone here – the vibe is fantastic! Updated schedule here.

June 3rd

National Team Camp is here! WHOOP!

June 1st

Brummie is working hard! Keep an eye on the Facebook page for full details 🙂

June 30th The Tournament Info Booklet is finished and ready for all to see. Check it out – DGC 2015 Tournament Booklet. June 29th Parties! We have 3 of them, all in different venues and all offering different things. Details on the PARTIES page! 🙂 June 26th The schedule is now live here: – enjoy!! June 25th Discs have arrived. OMG they’re shiny. Check ’em out on Facey. #WANT June 23rd GB, Ireland and France are the top 3 seeds. All of them can be found here: June 15th The big Saturday night party will be on July 4th and the theme will be AMERICA! Get creative. Prizes are going a-begging! June 15th Art Hawkins event! Go get some!! June 6th All Elite Skills Clinic Details are up here now: Don’t miss out! 🙂 June 3rd Lovely females! We need you!! Any female pick up players interested in joining the pick up team please get in touch – ASAP. Thanks! June 1st We will be running an Elite Skills Clinic with one of the UK’s top coaches, Sion ‘Brummie’ Scone. More details to follow! May 25th All three of the top 3 Irish club teams are coming to DGC 2015. Well done to Rebel Ultimate who won the national Mixed championships over the weekend. May 22nd History was made today as our little nation voted for Marriage Equality. Fantastic news! May 12th The legendary G-Spot is this coming weekend. Check out their Facebook page for all the updates! May 11th The Irish U-23 Mixed team has been confirmed. You can check out the latest boys n girls in green here. May 10th Congrats to GB Mixed for their UKU Mixed Tour win at the weekend. Next stop for them is Boston! Follow them here. May 5th We’re in the very first print edition of Skyd Magazine. It is SO cool. Check it out asap. April 28th Five Ultimate are coming to our tourny! Whoop! They’ll bring the usual fun, frollicks and sweet merch. April 22nd Unfortunately Anatolian Tigers are no longer able to come to our tournament. Sadface. April 21st We have another national team joining the tournament – Ireland U23 Mixed! Hooray! April 20th Over the weekend a gang of us tested the new Disc Golf course. Sam Mehigan, who will be playing with Ireland Mixed at DGC 2015 scored the lowest on the day and won a Five jersey for his efforts! Photos of our day can be found here. April 17th Captains! A very important email has gone your way. Let us know if you are on top of it all 😉 April 14th Spikeball/Trivolle are back on board, and in style. Our generous sponsors have agreed to give us one set for each visiting team! Check out their work here: April 13th We have a shop!! The 2015 merch will go up soon, for now there is a quite fantastic fire sale on all of the remaining 2014 GK stuff – Five Ultimate gear for €15! Check it out here: April 11th More good news for Women’s Ultimate Players – International Women’s Ultimate Weekend! Check out the site and get involved 🙂 April 10th Our postcard competition is back!! Last year we had great craic with people sending us some hilarious photos of themselves and their teams doing stupid stuff. If you want in, email us at with your address! April 8th Exciting news: the All-Ireland Mixed Ultimate Championships 2015 are taking place in Cork, hosted by Rebel Ultimate. April 5th Happy Easter folks. #AllTheChocolate April 2nd Seattle Riot are coming to Dublin the week after our tournament to run some clinics. Exciting! Full details here. Nice work Dublin Women’s Ultimate! March 30th We are teaming up with Disc Golf Ireland to run an Ultimate players Disc Golf Day. Check it out here! March 22nd Wanna pick up?! Fill out this form: Pick up Registration! March 17th Happy St. Patricks Day folks  🙂 March 1st Best of luck to all the Dubai-bound Irish players. Keep up to date here: February 14th We love you all! January 30th One of our TDs Marko is in “the news” again 😉  This time it is with The ShowGame site. Read it here: January 30th Another national team – woohoo! Slovakia are registered! January 28th Babel – a mixed pick up team of mates from around Europe – are in the pot! January 26th GB Mixed have joined the tournament – exciting times! January 20th Under 2 weeks left to register – eeeeek! January 15th Check out the article written by one of our TDs Marko in Skyd Magazine:! January 10th Italy Mixed are coming to Dublin! We now have 8 team playing at the National Team Cup. #DGC2015 January 8th Remember the Ghetto Birds? How could you forget ’em?! January 5th Spain want to come to Dublin! And so do Glasgow Ultimate. Great to have two new teams registered. January 1st Happy New Year everyone! Much love from Dublin to you and yours. December 25th Happy Christmas from all at Dublin’s Golden Cup. December 18th Only 6 weeks of registration left!! December 11th A Christmas re-work of our logo by Adam Restad Design! Golden-Cup-logo-2015-xmas December 8th India Mixed U23s are coming to Dublin – whoop! December 4th A team from Ottawa, Canada and a team from Istanbul, Turkey have registered!! December 1st We put money towards SKYD Magazine because they are an amazing resource. Support them here. November 23rd Last night we won Best Irish Tournament of the Year 2014! Here’s what TD Marko had to say about it: THANKS! November 21st Ireland and Norway are coming to play DGC 2015! Whoop  🙂 November 15th Suitably delicate after a fun party last night. Photos to follow soon! November 12th We have launched our National Teams Camp. Get in touch if your national team is interested! November 10th First meeting of the new committee is tonight – whoop! November 8th Don’t forget our party this Friday. All details here: November 5th Registration is open here (if you filled in the interest form that is enough for now!) until January 31st! November 2nd So far 5 teams from last year want to come back, including France, Mixed Veg (Irish champions) and Headless Ultimate from Switzerland! October 31st Happy Halloween! October 27th We’ve been nominated for Irish Tournament of the Year by Irish Ultimate players – that means a lot to us. Thanks folks! October 24th Some fun teams already showing interest – woohoo! October 22nd Tell us if you’re keen on coming to Dublin’s Golden Cup: Interest Form. Full Registration opens on November 1st! October 19th Wow Ghetto Birds! 2nd best team at US Nationals!! And check out Cam’s insane D and cheeky bum scoober: October 13th We are slowly but surely rebuilding this website. If you’re reading this then you’ve noticed. Hurrah! October 10th We have an Ffindr page – we must mean business! October 9th We’ve re-named the tournament. Why? Well, go have a read of this. October 8th The tournament is on July 4th & 5th next summer. Lock it in amigos! October 5th Big congrats to our Polish friends Grandmaster Flash who just won silver at EUCF 2014 in Frankfurt – wow guys & girls! September 24th Party time and you’re all invited!! Come get some: September 16th There’s change a-coming! September 4th Ghetto Birds are going to Nationals! Whoop! September 1st Looking for Mixed Ultimate in the off season? Check out NGN and Push Pass. Can’t do much better! August 10th Big congrats to the WUCC Mixed champions Drad ‘N’ Thrust! What a team. Well done to our mates from Cambridge who came an incredible 6th!! Full results here. July 29th We are up on the very cool Ulti.Info site here! July 27th Last committee meeting of the 2014 committee tomorrow night – eeeeek! July 23rd The Irish TV piece is now up on their website for  everyone to enjoy here: July 22nd Time to overhaul the website… well, maybe update it a little anyways and start looking towards 2015. Bye #goldenkeg2014, Hello #GK2015 July 21st We have a brand spanking new media page. Woop! July 20th We’ve crunched a load of numbers. Go have a look see here. July 18th Conor Hogan’s High Reel is up and ready for your viewing pleasure here. Enjoy. July 16th Loads of new photos up on our Facebook page – Awards Ceremony and Action Shots – go check ’em out! July 15th We are going to be on at 7pm on Thursday! Tune in and enjoy  🙂 July 13th Photos and videos are all here – go get some! July 11th The wonderful Get Horizontal crew have made a video recap of our first tournament: – we LOVE it. July 10th Let us know what you thought of Golden Keg 2014 here: July 7th Wow – that was amazing. Thank you to everyone involved! Need a few days off to get ourselves together  😉 July 5th Full updates on the tournament on our Facebook & Twitter! July 4th A little piece about the tournament went up on today. Totez famous. Blush. July 4th America for the win! Happy Independence day amigos. Enjoy the day here in Dublin. We’ll feel like this all day! July 3rd Local online magazine – Le Cool Dublin – features our TD Marko this morning. Have a read with your breakfast, and check out what else is on in town! July 3rd The all important Player Information pack is now out. Go get some of it HERE! July 2nd Skyd magazine showing us some love: July 2nd All your transport questions answered on one lovely web page here. July 1st We are proud to be working with 2 charities – Ultimate Peace & Barnardos. Read about them – June 29th Are you a trad music player? Bring your instrument to the Glimmerman pub on Friday and join in! June 28th Hello schedule and seedings! Exciting match ups in pool play 🙂 June 27th We are hosting an MLU Skills & Drills Clinic on Thursday. All details here! June 25th Need a physio? Don’t worry – we will have 2 on site to look after you! June 24th Check out our sweet merchandise thanks to Five Ultimate. Pre-order by email! June 21st Get Horizontal are coming to Golden Keg 2014 – those Belgian heroes! June 20th Spikeball is coming to Dublin – whoop! June 18th Check out our sweet party plans: June 14th All details about the fields we will be using can be found here: June 7th This day next month and the tournament will be over   😦 June 5th We have a Flickr account with loads of photos – check it out: June 4th Nearly just a month until the big weekend! Eeeek!! June 2nd A few of the organising committee were at UKU Tour 1 last weekend… 94 teams in one venue! Mental!! May 27th Mixed Veg are Irish Mixed champions! Rebel came 2nd, Jabba 3rd and Binge 4th. All 4 teams are coming to the Golden Keg – whoop! May 23rd This coming weekend we are running the All-Ireland Mixed Ultimate Championships. Preview here! May 18th Great seeing lots of teams coming to our tournament in action all across Europe! #PracticeMakesPerfect May 11th Next weekend G-Spot is taking place – a tournament we aim to emulate as much as we can. #BelgianHeroes May 4th Ever been Irish Dancing? At the Golden Keg you’ll learn how. Check it out! April 26th Disc Golf Ireland will be at the tournament – woop! April 15th We are going to be running the All-Ireland Mixed Ultimate Championships this year in May. Great way to test our systems! March 23rd inDISCutabel are coming to the first ever Golden Keg!! March 22nd UTKA can’t make it any more  😦 March 20th We’re serious about being eco-friendly. Look at the Keep It Green! section of the website 🙂 March 17th Happy St.Patrick’s Day! No more snakes for us!! March 11th The 100min Marathon is go! Hang on, the what??? Check it all out here. March 7th We are going to be super, extra, meg, eco-friendly. Join us and Sponsor a Tree on your team’s payment spreadsheet! March 1st Payment Deadline 1 is today – make sure you’re all paid up! February 27th Luckily, the mighty French team Friselis are coming to replace DJ Dahlem – hooray! Merci les mecs! February 26th Unfortunately our only German team, DJ Dahlem, have been forced to pull out. February 22nd Fill in those roster spreadsheets captains! February 19th Got a postcard? Pose with it and enter the competition!! February 15th ALL 20 teams are locked in and ready to roll – WHOOOP! February 14th Happy Hallmark day! February 10th We have a Pick Up page for players looking for teams and teams looking for players. Check it out here! February 6th Nearly all 20 team are confirmed. Just one to go… February 1st We have chosen the 20 teams for the inaugural Golden Keg. It was really difficult! The list is here. January 31st Last team on the door are Curve Ultimate from London! 31 is the final total – amazing! January 29th With only 2 days left to register, WAF from the Netherlands have entered. That takes us up to 30 teams. WOW. January 27th Grand Master Flash – the Polish champions – are registered! Exciting! January 24th Team Golden Keg Meeting #3 took place last night. It was productive, enjoyable and full of tea! January 21st Welcome to the second Swiss team – Wizards from Geneva have registered!! January 19th Ghetto Birds are the second American team registered. A group of the Sockeye boys and some friends are making the big trip – amazing news! January 17th Wilds N’ Roses are a really fun Spanish team from Girona and they registered with us today. That’s a huge 26 teams registered!! January 15th Chimpo & friends are the 5th homegrown team to enter. A Dublin team, they are a mix of old and young and are excited about GK ’14! January 9th French Mixed team Friselis are registered – former EUCC Mixed winners and French Mixed champions in 2011 and 2012, they are keen to use Golden Keg as a build up to WUCC! January 8th With all this good news it’s no surprise we get a little bad news too. Good Lord! won’t be able to make it over this July as a large portion of their team play with Clapham who are traveling to the US Open. We wish them the best of luck! January 7th Spanish giants the Bravas from Barcelona are coming to Dublin! Bienvinedo! January 6th Big news – the New York City team are confirmed! Tougher than Cuddles will be making the trip to Dublin. January 4th Team Registration is booming – Cambridge Ultimate, France Mixed and inDISCutabel all in. Woohoo! January 1st The year of the first Golden Keg has begun – hooray! December 25th Happy Christmas from all of us here at GK HQ! December 20th 33 Tours – a mixed team from Bordeaux have registered! Allez les bleus! December 18th Local team Mixed Veg Ultimate have registered and are the fourth Irish team to do so along with Rebel Ultimate, Binge? and Jabba the Huck! December 14th Venezuela Mixed Ultimate Frisbee have registered! Exciting news!! December 12th Chasing Sarasota are joining us as a sponsor! Every team at the tournament will get a gift of a digital copy of the film. Thanks Matt! December 9th We are looking at ways to fight the visiting teams carbon footprints including planting trees with the Tree Council of Ireland. More to follow once we finalise the details! December 3rd BUFF (an offshoot of DUFF) from Sydney are officially registered and ready to make the long trip to Ireland. Absolute Heroes! November 28th Postcard competition is heating up! Not involved yet, just email us your address and we will send you a card 🙂 November 22nd Don’t know all the Organisers? Go check out who’s in charge: November 19th So, a team from Seattle looks to be forming including some of the current and ex-Sockeye crew… November 16th We had a fantastic chat with Five Ultimate last night. Those guys are the business! November 16th Founders of Awesome are a Canadian team interested in trying to come to GK ’14 – exciting! November 9th Lots of movement on the team list – check it out here: November 5th Pier Pressure from Brighton in the UK are also registered! November 2nd Princess Layout want to come and play – expect pink, glitter, fun and dancing! October 31st We now have 6 teams registered! Including the newest arrival – UKTA from Utrecht in the Netherlands. With another 26 Interested, it’s getting busy! October 31st Darron, our assistant TD, has entered the postcard competition dressed as a Viking sitting on a throne. No really. Here. October 30th The site now has a videos page and a photos page to entice you to Dublin with! October 29th It’s competition time! The POSTCARD competition is go. Check out the details here: Golden Keg Facebook October 26th Registration is OPEN. Get involved here: October 25th Curve Ultimate from London want to come to Dublin. We are proving popular eh?! October 24th Another German team want to join the party – inDISCutabel from Munster. Hallo! October 20th Team Golden Keg is growing. The admin team is coming together nicely – exciting times! October 16th One of the UK’s best Mixed team – the Royal Goaltimate Society are coming to Dublin! October 13th Amsterdam’s Rusty Bikes are interested in coming to Dublin. Wahey! October 11th We did not expect this… K34 up from Cagua, Venezuela want to come to Dublin!! And, the Venezuelans lads playing in Dublin are rounding up their friends from around Europe to come and play too! That might mean 2 Venezuelan teams!! Exciting or what?! October 7th The beautiful and bearded Copenhagen Spinners from Denmark and the top quality Meetik Silver from all over France are interested. It’s heating up! October 1st Dj Dahlem –  a team from Berlin –  are keen to come and join our tournament. Woohoo! September 25th Still contacting teams. If there’s a team you think would fit this tournament let us know! September 18th This week will be spent trying to get Russian and Canadian teams to come and visit us. Well, that and tying down a place for all of you to sleep. Speaking of basic essentials, it looks like we have a food provider on board. Talking through his options made us hungry… September 12th Five Ultimate are going to be Event Partners for the first Golden Keg! Delighted and excited to have such a cool company involved with us. September 11th Welcome on board Jabba the Huck! Ireland’s Mixed Ultimate champions for two years running are coming to Golden Keg 2014. September 10th We have a second officially registered team – Headless Ultimate from the beautiful city of Zurich in Switzerland are registered to make the journey to Dublin next year. September 9th Word of the ‘Keg is reaching far and wide with an Aussie player looking to bring a team. We like that kind of ambition! September 6th We have a new member of Staff! Check out who it is and what he’ll be doing on the Organisers page. And, we have our first officially registered team (yay Thundering Herd!) , as well as 10 ‘Interested’ teams, including 2 from New York, 1 from Germany and 1 from Spain! More details re Teams here. September 4th Bommie over at Get Horizontal interviewed our TD Marko. Go have a read of the interview here. Also, this website is now live! Email us if you’re interested in coming to play! September 3rd Get Horizontal are on board with us as official partners! More details on this to follow soon, but this news makes us very happy! September 2nd Working on an interview about the tournament with Bommie over at the ever-impressive  Get Horizontal. We will post the link once it’s live! August 31st Today is Saturday and Electric Picnic is happening right now. Instead of being in a field in Stradbally listening to some amazing music, I’m at home building the website. It’s coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself… (Marko) August 29th We have a Twitter page. Go have a follow – #goldenkeg2014 August 28th Golden Keg is launched! Today the Facebook page went live and the response has been amazing. Lots of positivity and excitement. Here’s hoping all the plans work out and the next 9 months see the tournament fulfill its potential.

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