Crunching numbers is part and parcel of a tournament this size. We thought we’d post a few of the more interesting numbers from the tournament for your amusement!

1 – the number of Belgian videographers present at the inaugural Golden Keg (thanks Get Horizontal!)

2 – the number of litter-pickers the Eco Officer had to pick up rubbish with!

2 – the number of sweet GK Five Ultimate flags we had flying

2 – the number of Port-A-Fields we used

3 – the number of parties we held

4 – the number of continents represented at GK 2014

4 – the number of Irish dances taught at the Saturday night party

6 – the number of full wheelie bins of waste diverted from landfill

7 – the number of Pitch Discs that vanished without a trace

7 – the number of pitches we used

7 – the number of games each team played

10 – the number of people on the Golden Keg committee

10 – the number of wheelie bins used at the tournament

10 – the number of 25L water containers we had at the fields

10 – the number of gazebos we used

11 – the number of countries represented at the first Golden Keg

11 – the number of Trad Music musicians who played in the Glimmerman pub at the Welcome Party on Friday night

11.3 – the average Spirit score given at the tournament

11.37 – the average points per team, per game

12 – the number of Spikeball sets we used and/or gave away at the tournament

13 – approximate number of minutes we continued to sing after the DJ turned off the decks on Saturday night

26 – the number of volunteers, including score keepers, physios, photographers and more!

29 – the number of postcards sent all over the world in the build up to GK 2014

33 – the number of items in Lost and Found

38 – the number of refuse sacks used at the tournament

68 – the number of cones we used for the pitches

70 – the total number of games played at the tournament

80 – the scheduled number of minutes each game lasted

140 – the number of Spirit scores submitted

175 – (approximately) the number of people who learned the basics of Irish Dancing at GK 2014

204 – the number of days between the first committee meeting and the tournament

214 – the number of euros we raised for Ultimate Peace

336 – the number of players who took part in the tournament

336 – the number of Player Gifts were gave out – a green GK 2014 wristband and a James Joyce novel!

640 – (approximately) the number of times our Irish Dancing MC Dee said the words “1, 2, 3” during the Irish Dancing

1582 – the total of all the Spirit scores

1830 – (approximately) the number of meals served by Costello Caterers

5600 – the total number of minutes of Ultimate played (equal to 93 hours and 20mins!)

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