Leading up to the event we will be working hard to get some Event Partners on board. They will be listed on this page.

Event Partners

June 2014: Spikeball has swept through the Ultimate circles in the USA and is beginning to make it’s presence felt here in Europe. The game will be known as TriVolle here in Europe but will be played the same way and using the same kit. Check out more about the sport here and make sure you get involved with the kits we will have at the tournament! Some teams will get to win a set or two so keep an eye out on how that will work!


September 2013: The fun-loving, top quality gear-producing and hard-partying Five Ultimate are on board for the first Golden Keg tournament next July. We are going to work out the finer details at a later date but their tasty merchandise will definitely be involved in Dublin next summer. Keep an eye on this news page for more info as we sort it all out!


September 2013: The first Event Partner to come on board is the European Ultimate news site Get Horizontal. We are really excited to have Bommie and his crew become part of our tournament bringing their unique style, journalism, video coverage, party attitude and much more to the first Golden Keg tournament. Recently confirmed as media partners of Five Ultimate over at this years USAU Club Championships, there’s no doubt that their experience will be more than welcome in Dublin next July. Lots more details to follow over the next few months as the partnership develops!


Logo Design 

August 2013: Our logo was designed by Adam Restad of AR Design. Not only an excellent Ultimate player, Adam is a brilliant graphic designer who we found very easy to work with. He was fast, reliable and friendly. Highly recommended!

 AR Design

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