At all tournaments the safety and well-being of the participants is essential and Golden Keg was no different. We were very keen for every player to be looked after in the best way possible and as such arranged for the following:


We had 2 physiotherapists to provide care to players with any and all injuries. The phyisos were be at the fields from 9am each morning and were be paid for by the tournament. However, given the amount of their own supplies they used over the course of the day we asked that players donate €2 per visit. Their details are as follows:

John M.Lee Physical Therapy
No.2 Trimleston Avenue, Booterstown, Co. Dublin
Special rate available for Ultimate Players!

Gedas Racys
Clinic based in Lucan
Can be contacted on 087-6571579

Red Cross

We had 2 paramedics on site to deal with any bad injuries and provided transport for the few hospital visits.

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