Schedule 2015


The full schedule can be seen here: Schedule. Any questions, please email us –


The tournament will be peer-pooled with the top 8 teams in 2 upper pools and the bottom 8 teams in two lower pools. The top two of the upper pools advance straight to quarters after their three pool games. The bottom two play crossovers/pre-quarters against the top two teams of the two lower pools. All teams will get at least 6 games, some lucky teams will get 7.


  • Pool A: Great Britain, France, Denmark, Australia U-23s
  • Pool B: Ireland, Glasgow, Spain, Rebel Ultimate
  • Pool C: Norway, Ireland U-23s, Venezuelans & Friends, Jabba the Huck
  • Pool D: Mixed Veg, The True North, 4 Hands, DGC All Stars


1. Great Britain (UK)
2. Ireland Mixed EUC 2015 (IRL)
3. France (FRA)
4. Glasgow Ultimate (SCO)
5. Denmark (DEN)
6. Spanish Mixed National Team (ESP)
7. Bluebottles – Australian Mixed U23 Ultimate Team (AUS)
8. Rebel Ultimate (IRL)
9. Norway (NOR)
10. Mixed Veg Ultimate (IRL)
11. Ireland u23 Mixed Ultimate Team (IRL)
12. The True North (CAN)
13. Venezuelans & Friends (VEN & IRL)
14. 4hands (POL)
15. Jabba The Huck (IRL)
16. DGC All Stars Pick Up Team (INT)

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