Schedule (2016)

The tournament format is 4 pools of 4 teams with 3 pool games and a crossover (for teams in 2nd and 3rd in their pool) on Saturday followed by 3 placement games on the Sunday. Games will be 75mins long, on full-size grass fields and everyone will get lots of pitch time.

Brighton Breezy (1) Thundering Herd (2) FLOW (3) Sequel (4)
Rebel Ultimate (6) Too Funk to Drunktion (5) Mixed Veg (8) Venezeulans & Friends (7)
Odin’s Little Vikings (10) JinxCity (9) DH1 (12) Uproar (11)
Snatch (13) KGT (14) Jabba the Huck (15) Aye Aye (16)

You can read the full schedule here. Many thanks to Dominick Smyth who, as he has the previous 2 years for this tournament, wrote the schedule for us. Hero! 

Further details:

  • Earliest game slot is 9:15am
  • Latest games end at 5:35pm
  • 75min long games in 85min slots
  • Finish point and add one
  • Games to 15
  • 3 x 2mins long timeouts per game, 2 per half
  • Timeouts can be used at any time
  • Half at 8


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