We will have 20 teams at the first Golden Keg. These teams will be divided into 4 groups of 5 teams each. At the end of pool ply the top 2 teams will progress to the 1-8 bracket, the 3rd and 4th placed teams will enter the 9-16 bracket and the 5th placed teams will enter the 17-20 bracket. All teams will play 7 games.


All games will will be to 15 or 80 mins long. There will be a +1 point cap.


The Schedule is online here.

General info:

  • Games will start at 9am on both days for the majority of teams
  • On Saturday the last round of games will end at 5:50pm
  • On Sunday the last round of games will end at 5pm and the final will go from 4:40pm until 6pm, allowing players to see most of it
  • The Awards Ceremony will be over by 6:30pm


With a tournament like this the seeding is always difficult. We have gathered as much info as we can and have come up with the following:

  1. Cambridge Ultimate (UK)
  2. France Mixed National Team (France)
  3. Ghetto Birds (USA)
  4. Friselis (France)
  5. Royal Goaltimate Society (UK)
  6. Mixed Veg (Ireland)
  7. Grandmaster Flash (Poland)
  8. Rebel Ultimate (Ireland)
  9. Thundering Herd (UK)
  10. Jabba the Huck (Ireland)
  11. Tough as Cuddles (USA & Friends)
  12. Copenhagen Spinners (Denmark)
  13. Headless Ultimate (Switzerland)
  14. Binge? (Ireland)
  15. Bravas (Spain)
  16. Venezuela (Venezuela & Friends)
  17. 33 Tours (FRance)
  18. Bondi Turf Rescue (Australia)
  19. inDISCutabel (Germany & Friends)
  20. Frasba da Lac (Italy)


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