Seeding 2016

The seedings for this year’s tournament are below. Please note that given the lack of information about some teams we may have under or over seeded them. The schedule has crossovers for teams that finish 2nd or 3rd in their groups allowing for seeding to be corrected!

  1. Brighton Breezy (UK)
  2. Thundering Herd (UK)
  3. FLOW (POL)
  4. Sequel (IRL)
  5. Too Funk to Drunktion (INT)
  6. Rebel Ultimate (IRL)
  7. Venezuelans & Friends (INT)
  8. Mixed Veg (IRL)
  9. JinxCity (GER)
  10. Odin’s Little Vikings (INT)
  11. Uproar (IRL)
  12. DH1 (UK)
  13. Snatch (IRL)
  14. KGT (IRL)
  15. Jabba the Huck (IRL)
  16. Aye Aye (UK)
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