Teamlist 2015

Here is a list of the final 16 teams selected for the 2015 edition of Dublin’s Golden Cup. Originally we had 20 teams but a number of teams have dropped out.

  1. 4Hands (POL)
  2. Denmark Mixed National Team (DEN)
  3. France Mixed National Team (FRA)
  4. Glasgow Ultimate (SCO)
  5. Golden Cup All Stars Pick Up Team (ALL)
  6. Great Britain Mixed National Team (GB)
  7. Ireland Mixed National Team (IRL)
  8. Jabba the Huck (IRL)
  9. Mixed Veg (IRL)
  10. Norway Mixed National Team (NOR)
  11. Rebel Ultimate (IRL)
  12. Spain Mixed National Team (ESP)
  13. The True North (CAN)
  14. U23 Australia Mixed National Team (AUS)
  15. U23 Ireland Mixed National Team (IRL)
  16. Venezuelans & Friends (VEN & IRL)

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