Team List

The Golden Keg 2014 Team List is finally here! The committee had a very tough time trying to pick who to accept especially given the volume of teams who applied. We based our selection on a few criteria including where the teams is from, team Spirit, playing standard, partying ability and enthusiasm to be involved among other things! We’re excited to announce these teams – from 12 countries across the world – as the first 20 to play at the first ever Golden Keg:

Final Team List:

  • 33 Tours (Bordeaux, France)
  • Binge? (Ballybinge, Ireland)
  • Bondi Ultimate Frisbee Federation (Sydney, Australia)
  • Bravas (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Cambridge Ultimate (Cambridge, UK)
  • Copenhagen Spinners (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • France Mixed National Team (France)
  • Frasba da Lac (Como, Italy)
  • Friselis (Versailles, France)
  • Ghetto Birds (Seattle, USA)
  • Grandmaster Flash (Warsaw, Poland)
  • Headless Ultimate (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • inDISCutabel (Munster, Germany)
  • Jabba the Huck (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Mixed Veg (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Rebel Ultimate (Cork, Ireland)
  • Royal Goaltimate Society (London, UK)
  • Thundering Herd (London, UK)
  • Tough As Cuddles (New York, USA)
  • Venezuela Ultimate Frisbee (Venezeula & Europe!)

Waiting List:

The following teams are next in line should any of the 20 selected teams not be able to accept their place. The order is as listed below.

  1. Wizards (Geneva, Switzerland)
  2. Wilds n Roses (Girona, Spain)
  3. Cheeky Minxes (Brighton, UK)
  4. Chimpo & Friends (IRL)
  5. Curve Ultimate (UK)

These are the remaining teams who were not accepted this time around: Pier Pressure (UK), Tough Butter (UK), WAF (NED).

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