The Name

What’s in a name?

When we first started dreaming up this tournament back in 2013 we went through names at a rate of a dozen a day – there were the corny Irish ones, the boring ones, the plain daft ones, the ones with inappropriate innuendo, the ones that nobody outside Ireland would be able to say or understand and the ones that could never be said in public! Needless to say choosing a decent name was important and difficult. When we got to Golden Keg it ticked lots of boxes, then we made a logo for it (well Adam did!) and we were sold. We got the word out and we promoted it anywhere and everywhere. We told friends, strangers and Ultimate lovers all over the world. We held the tournament, made the merch, the stickers and posters and all sorts of stuff! We loved it.

But, there was one worry – did the name just yell out ‘Party Tournament’ or even worse, to someone not in Ultimate circles did is seem to encourage alcohol in sport? Well, we didn’t really think so but we didn’t want to lose out either. The Dublin City Council didn’t like it nor did a few potential sponsors. We discussed it and discussed it and eventually we had a vote. The name Golden Keg lost said vote and we were back in the name game…

Dublin’s Golden Cup

We set up a little team and looked at all sorts of combos of ideas – the mythical, the Irish, the funny and so on – we eventually decided on the simple and the easily remembered. We wanted Dublin in the title and we wanted to keep the Golden too. We know have the new name: Dublin’s Golden Cup.

No more partying then?

Haha! We are still in Dublin here folks! 

We just don’t like the auto-connotation of alcohol that the word Keg carried. While the tournament is most definitely about welcoming people to Dublin – a city where people are fond of a drink or two – it isn’t ONLY about that. We want to be able to market our event at young players, at people outside of Ultimate circles and we want to do it without worrying about what they might infer from the name.There will still be many opportunities to let your hair down after a long days play, don’t you fret party-goers  😉

Same people, same idea, same tournament

Nothing has changed only we are a year wiser and have the first edition and all the lessons we learned tucked away in our back pocket. We are still a fun, innovative and passionate group of Ultimate players looking to run an internationally admired event. And, we want you to be a part of it with us. Come to the Dublin’s Golden Cup Ultimate tournament in July and you’ll see for yourselves!


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