Timeline 2015

To keep everyone on the same page and to make sure you and your team know where you stand, here is an early Timeline for the 2015  edition of Dublin’s Golden Cup. We might modify this slightly as the dynamic of the tournament evolves so be sure to keep an eye on it!

  • October 2015: Launch of DGC 2015
  • November 2015: Registration opens, Party for the Dublin crew
  • December 2015: Long-term planning & Christmas banter
  • January 2015: Registration closes on January 31st
  • February 2015: Final Team list announced on February 5th, deposit fee due on February 12th
  • March 2015: Lots of hard work!
  • April 2015: Planning, Final fees due on April 27th
  • May 2015: Announce more fun details!
  • June 2015: Schedule Released
  • July 2015: Dublin’s Golden Cup 2015 takes place!


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